My Fight 

Directed by Daniel Montoya
Co-Directed by Elizabeth Hong
Produced by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya

LOGLINE: After Stephanie Ramirez loses a limb to osteosarcoma at the age of 21, the isolated experience begins to push buttons and Stephanie starts to document the painful journey through a YouTube channel.


My Fight - Observational DocumentaryMy Fight tells the story of Stephanie Ramirez, a Youtube personality who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer at the age of 21. This film offers an in-depth, intimate look into the life of a young woman facing a terminal illness and the complex decision-making process involved when facing death. My Fight presents these implications in the flesh as we follow Stephanie through this journey. It is a raw view into the world of a woman not only coping with cancer at a very young age but also learning to accept her new body image after losing a limb.

Throughout the story, we see Stephanie battle a roller coaster of obstacles as she is confronted every day by the hardship of this terrible killer. As Stephanie’s YouTube channel begins to gain fans, her life starts to transform from feeling shut out and ostracized by society to want to share her raw reality with the world. With an act of kindness from a prosthetic clinic, Stephanie’s life begins to change for the better. But she soon discovers that in order to lose her uncomfortable crutches and reconnect with society, she must learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg.

The film follows Stephanie for one year as her world is turned upside-down, through her experience, we see how young individuals handle everyday pressures and how the human spirit evolves when it is pushed into extreme circumstances in life.


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