Chemotherapy can affect a person in different ways. In my case, I had all the effects that you can think of. It ranged from being very sleepy to throwing up every time I was on it. There is a difference from the chemotherapy in a bag versus the therapy pills. It has been a year since I last stayed in the hospital for chemo. Now that I am no longer on that I am on target therapy.

Target therapy is chemotherapy in pill form. It affects each individual differently. Sometimes I can get nausea, sleepiness, rashes, and sometimes I can get swollen. I dislike the effects from the medicine.
Have you ever had a very sick day that you’re in your bed the whole day? Well, you can imagine that I feel like that almost every day when I take them. I never want to do anything because of the way they make me feel. Who would have knew I would be in the shoes of a cancer patient. Now, I know how it is to go through something like this. It’s hard on the patient and loved ones. But, I would rather go through it than to see my family or son have this illness. I know I am much stronger then them. So, I tell life and cancer to bring it on. Because I am not going anywhere until I am done with everything that I want to do in this crazy life.