I don’t like talking about this topic. Because I can get very sentimental. I will try my best to open up to everyone. I was raised up with all my body parts. I never would have imagine that this would have happen to me.

After the surgery, life was never the same. I saw everything in a whole new way. In the beginning I would cry everyday. And ask myself what did I do to deserve this. In the news I would see how the police capture criminals and they are healthy with no body parts missing. I would never do a crime like they have. And yet I was the one punished in this unimaginable way.  As the days go by , the feeling of being whole starts to fade away. I don’t think it will ever vanish of wanting my leg back. But, I try to stay positive as much as I can.

Whenever I go out. I always tend to go in wheelchair. No matter if in wheelchair or in crutches people are always going to stare. They all ask the same question, “what happened to her?” Sometimes, to make me feel better. I imagine I am a celebrity and people just can’t stop staring. I know it’s crazy but, it works.

My advice to other people going through my situation is that not to be afraid of what people say. Think of it as a positive thing. People want to know more about you and your situation. In that case it does sound like a celebrity. Maybe they can take a picture and spread it around. Life is so full of possibilities .