♥ Hi how are you? Well I’ve been taking the medication for quite some time. And I am starting to feel the effects now. Haven’t been feeling myself for a couple of days now. I feel sick to my stomach today.

♥ The biopsies from the lung only says that it is from the Osteosarcoma.

♥ I don’t have much to say right now. I think the video says what I wanted to say to you guys.

♥ Tomorrow I leave to Houston again. I am getting to tired of going there. It gets really annoying. And I lose time. Where I can be doing something else then being poked all the time.

♥ Well, I got to go. I feel like laying down. Trying to keep my food down. It is such a horrible day for me. Meaning my body feels yucky. But, the sun and clouds are wonderful. And full of life.

♥ Wish me luck on the scans on Tuesday. ☺