Upcoming Endoscopy and CT scan

This month of August is crazy. A lot of things are happening. First my cousin from Virginia came here to live with us for nine months and she didn’t come along. Julyan, her baby came with her. Now you can imagine how crazy the house can get. My baby and Julyan are always fighting and screaming. It is a nonstop crazy house. No peace and quiet for me.

Today, I started drinking this jug of almost eight glasses to clean my colon. Because, tomorrow I have an appointment to get a check up of any bleeding inside my colon. I am not excited about that. The procedure will be done with a skinny looking hose with a light and camera attached to it. And you already know where that goes in. The good part is that I am going to be some what asleep throughout the procedure.

After that is done. In a week or so, I have an appointment for a ct scan to check how I am progressing. I am nervous but, I haven’t lost hope. I can’t wait for at least this week to be over already. I am excited that after the CT scan in a few days following that I will audition for a zombie. I miss doing zombie work with my Zombie family. It  is so much fun and a lot of fake blood. This month is stressful and fun. Best of both worlds.