CT Scans for June 20th

This is not any regular scan, I have done this more then a normal person would. It’s not my favorite thing to do. But, I do it to find out about how I am doing in my lungs. It’s a scary feeling because it deals with knowing how my cancer is doing.

Due to my previous scans, they were never good news. My tumors were always growing, stable, or classified. During my change of diet and taking vidatox. I expect and hope that this upcoming scan will bring good news and show that all my effort has payed off.

The doctor who prescribed me vidatox said I shall see results within three months of taking it. And guess what ? Its been three months already. To boost up the healing process I have also done some natural stuff along the way. Meaning, I have been eating a proper diet. Eating all organic and healthy stuff. I expect the wheatgrass and apricots seeds payed off as well.

On June 20th I will have a ct scan done. They always have to poke me with a┬áneedle and inject ct iodine. That liquid that runs through my whole body and it feels like I am burning inside for a few seconds. After the scan is done I will have to wait for the next day to find out the results. I haven’t lost faith in that one day I will have awesome news. I have a feeling that this scan will be the one to celebrate.