♥ Today is a good day. The weather is perfect. I am alive and here with my loved ones. Just only thing worrying me is the cancer. Well, a lot of stuff has been happening. I’ve been so busy with working on my videos, Facebook, filming, zombies, and being with my family. I love how busy I am.

♥ So far I had two biopsies done on my lungs. They removed a sample of the tissue to examine it. I just hope they know tomorrow what is going on and what cancer is it. Even though it must be 100% from the osteosarcoma.

♥ The new drug I am taking has very low side effects on me. The only effect I feel so far is just being a little bit more tired then usual. But, that’s ok. At least I don’t feel as sick like before.

♥ I also have some amazing news. Hanger Clinic has sponsored me with a prosthetic leg. I am really looking forward to walking again with two legs. I got tired using crutches all the time. It gets kind of annoying.

♥ Wish me luck tomorrow. I am excited and nervous to hear what the doctor has to say.