I am a shy and reserved person. I dislike people staring at me. Especially now more then ever. Now that it has been a year since my amputation. I have been changing how I see people staring at me. I am learning not to care anymore about the staring. I really want people to know my story and my journey to recovery.

There are many reasons why people stare at me. Might be because I am walking with one leg. It’s unique to find someone walking around and missing a part of their body. You don’t see that in an everyday thing.

One thing that I have notice is that children stare the most. They have that look of confused minds. I don’t blame them since its the parents responsibility to educate them. Every time a child stares all I can do is wave hi and smile. That gets them to stop staring.

I don’t know why it is so hard for me at times to just be myself and walk in crutches to the store. I am afraid of being judged or made fun of. I don’t think I can take that at the moment. Maybe in the future I will be much stronger. It is not as easy to just show off my one strong leg. What would you do in my situation?